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Registration Open: Practice Makes Posture

Stand, Sleep and Feel better

We are excited to launch this brand new program. If you sit, stand or sleep, this program can help you! Learn about your optimal alignment through our self-guided modules and get the tools you need to be more mindful. Learn more below. 

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Practice Makes Posture

Learn to be mindful of neutral alignment throughout your day while sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, doing daily activities and during exercise & fitness.

The Fundamentals of Functional Fitness

The Future of Fitness is Functional. 

Forget about working out just to "work out".  Learn how to develop a functional fitness plan for yourself or your clients that will help you move, live, and feel your best for decades to come.

This course is approximately 4 hours and covers the seven functional movements, functional anatomy, managing injuries, and sequencing a balanced workout.

Watch the video below to learn more:

21 Days to a Better Season on the Slopes

Get ready for your best Skiing and Snowboarding season in just 21 days!

  • Get stronger and more precise
  • Develop better balance and control
  • Build stamina to go the full day on the mountain
  • Recover faster so you can hit the slopes again the next day

21 Days to Better Running and Biking Performance

Get ready for better running and biking (and treading and spinning) in just 21 days!

  • Shave time off your mile and minutes off your ascents.
  • Generate more power to climb your way up the hill or the leaderboard.
  • Build the endurance you need to finish your race (or workout) feeling strong.
  • Recover faster so you can progress more quickly.
  • Reduce aches and pains and learn techniques to help accelerate recovery from injury.

Hear what other clients are saying about this program:

"Thank you so much for creating this program. Although I have been attending Alkalign for several years, this program provides a great deep dive into what exercises and stretches I can do to experience less pain and better performance during my cycle workouts. I feel much better during my rides, feel stronger, and know what I need to do to keep riding for a long time."

- Kevita

"Running is a passion of mine. I am no longer fast nor do I run to compete, I just love to get out in the fresh air and move through trails and terrain. As I was getting older, I noticed more pains and aches in my hips and knees. This program has made me more aware of what muscles to target, strengthen and roll. I Alkalign because I want to keep running and this program keeps me on the road."

- M.T.

Alkalign Pregnancy Program

What you get: 

  • Strength + Low Impact Cardio Classes
  • Videos and tutorials on modifications
  • Rolling sequences
  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Access to Private FB board so you can connect with this amazing expectant community

21 Days to a Better Golf Game

Improve your Golf Game in Just 21 Days!

  • Drive the ball farther
  • Get stronger and more precise
  • Build stamina to go the full 18 holes
  • Earn bragging rights with your golf buddies

Alkalign 101 Video Bundle

This collection of 5 of Alkalign's Align 101 classes is the best way to get started with Alkalign.
This bundle includes our tutorial videos as well so you can practice with precision any time, anywhere. 

Alkalign Offerings Sampler

Get a taste of all of Alkalign's FUNctional fitness offerings with this library of classes.  Sampler includes 6 full-length classes, shorter options, and introductory tutorials to help you get started.

Recharge Self-Massage Library

Check out this full library of easy-to-follow self-massage sequences taught by Alkalign Founder and CEO, Erin Paruszewski.

Nourish Starter Pack

Kick start your journey to feeling and looking your best. 

Our Nourish Starter Pack will give you the tools you need to embark on your self-guided 21-day journey to better health. 

Alkalign Knee Health

If you suffer from Cranky Knee Syndrome (CKS), please know you are not alone. Cranky knees are common. In this course we will go over everything that can go wrong and show you how to make it right. 

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